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Cabal IX cordially welcomes your soul for eternal service!

Cabal IX (9) is a nefarious/'evil'-based guild, that excercises basically on necromancy, teaching in forbidden and dark arts, selfish manipulation, advantagous coercion, and corruption - however in a different way.

The Cabal IX intend to use their occult secrets, practice of dark arts, and bewitchments to the maximal point to taint yet enhance peoples abilities, with their dark arts. Possessive rituals, is also a daily and general exercise upon people. Most occasionally people who dares to oppose them, however innocent (yet in most cases, they are chosen) people can certainly be put in the risk, too. Their biggest goal is to most carefully but effectively enhance and teach the quality and power of their dark and malicious arts. They lecture their members another way of dominating people, as well.  

The nine leaders (Better known as the Zsharrs), where the First Zsharr is veiwed as being the absolute ruler, aim to adequately provide their organization with variable possibilities to teach their cabalists different ways to gain power, greater perspective and methods on bending a situation to their advantage, and the teachings of the Cabals most praised theology. By doing so they've made four evolutionary Paths, each of them still grasps the same fundamental principles, but teaches more thoroughly in different harmful arts. Their ranks (while still being one big heirarchy) are basically portrayed as if four dark academies has been merged into one, all mostly managed and ruled under "The Anchor". This method grants their members a diversive experience, and alot more opportunities and options to serve and develope their malevolent powers, and characters as a whole, within the Cabal.

Cabal IX had for a long time in the past held a very very modest and discreet level of attention around the RP community on Argent Dawn, under the exception for some minior obstacles that obstructed certain guilds. Now, the Cabal IX has awaked from their slumber, and will now begin their fruitful growth to selectively search, bewitch and coerce desired people to their organization, and vanquish anyone who'll setup any hurdles in their way. Henceforth their tolerance, since their wake has become much more eminent, is vastly decreased to their members failure, if anything presents. They prefer to operate subtly and seize their opponents with intelligently cunning attacks. More direct, obvious, and frontal assault can be acted upon, however subtility is the most valued option.

The Cabal is, in itself, viewed as an organization that outstands any normal ones, considering the fact that even the most condescended member may ascend to become a Zsharr. For more information about the Cabal IX, and the possibility to dethrone a Zsharr, please visit the Wiki page.

"May the Cabal Remain preserved!"                                              



The code of Cabal IX that supports and defines the Cabals fundamental ground principles:

The code is segregated in nine verses, subtly representing their nine leaders in its numerlogy.

IX - "Oblivious and audacious do I stand before the absolute.

VIII - Hope, excitement, yet turmoil do I present the greater good;

VII - My insatiable need for power, and my unquenchable thirst for respect -

VI - Erroneously encourages anarchy and chaos to relflect.

V - Through discipline shall I vow no craving will cloud my way.

IV - For through will, control, and composure, will I not be lead in disarry.

III - Henceforth will I compose my urge for supremacy, for that is my intent.

II - I shall exult at the day when my teaching will commend.

I - For when my mind has become placid as water, I know I am ready to ascend."



"I'm the hurtful punisher of The Venerable Nine, if you had not comitted your crime, The nine had not sent me upon you." (A Zshar'rins phrase, upon a kill.)






The videos below doesn't depict any actual in-game content, nor can Zsharrs fly!

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