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re: Initiating The Bewitchments

As you'll eventually realize, the Cabal IX highly prioritize their ceremonies called bewitchments, working as an initiation for new recruits. We strongly recommend you to read the following below:

Being bewitched (IC) can be more or less a necessity in order to be fully insured you'll get the (IC) approval of the superiors. The reason for why we don't place a regular interview, or a mere diplomatic conversation in a high regard, is first of all our intention to make a different advance and/or approach to recruit people. Secondly, the (IC) major fact is that the superiors (often Zsharrs) social attributes are highly built on skepticism, suspicion, impudence and arrogance, making an attempt to volunteer a possible difficulity. Although it's by all means not forbidden to try such. Who knows, maybe you will pull through.
Rest assured, the entire process/roleplay of a bewitchment genuinely depends on who is initiating and managing it.

The bewitchments outcome differs from the person performing it, for instance; each Zsharr may have their own twisted way of following the initiates through the procedure. Other cabalists may also be able to perform this bewitchment, and officially bind them into the Cabal's "network". However as told: the differences of how the bewitchment unfolds, depends all entirely on the performers liking and proclivities.
For example: If one of the Zsharrs, has a proclivity for sadism, and got a destructive mind-set, the procedure will obviously be done through unneeded tormention and sadistic designs. Therefore the bewitchments procedure can variate greatly.

Other than the mentioned variations of the procedure, the bewitchments will basically consist of three specific phases:

* The captivity. Once captured, some transportation to a sufficient place for the bewitchment on the recruit/invidual will be issued. (Locations often depends on whomever will initiate it)

* The "preparations" begins. It is very frequent, that this specific phase is where its outcome and conditions variates on the Zsharrs preference.
Some situations you may find that Liah (Third Zsharr) is initiating them. Her example of the procedure reveals: Complete exposure of the persons appearance. The removal of errors, what Aewynn might adress as past injuries, such as; Scars, engraved features on the skin, Tattoos and so forth. (Note: None of these removal of "errors" will take place without an OOC agreement. A refusal of these actions will just result in something to compensate with, like manipulating more with the mind).

* The bewitchment (channeling) itself begins.
After the obvious phases are through, the ritual itself will initiate. "Contaminating" and bewitching your character, with the dark arts the Cabalists/Zsharrs has learned, to connect with the Cabal's bond.
(Note: The bewitchment itself, isn't related to slavery, or minionize your character in any possible way, which may incapacitate your characters free-will. It is simply an initiation procedure)

When your character is finally through the procedures, the bewitchments influence will likely cause two, yet 'maskable' effects: One is providing your character with more recklessness, and a slightly forced form of obedience for their superiors - Usually these effects are mostly obligatory if your character hasn't already meddled in malice before, or anything related to evil-RP, before.
The severity of the effects gradually depends alot on the conditions pertaining your characters former alignment and morales.
The last thing, is the "gifts/powers" it'll bestow your character with (don't assume it too litteral). That means basically (other than the details) the gifts are relatively the same if you submitted to serve a demonic Lord, or likely any evil Being, with your current abilities you might have had, has been eclipsed with a dark taint, as well as miniorly enhancing your ability to adapt to a harsh and cruel enviroment. How you want these contaminated powers to improve and develope in your characters abilities, is upto your own

Nevertheless, other than the option of having your character bewitched, to be fully certain on your chars loyalty, atleast to some extent, - there is another option:
It -is- possible to enter the Cabal IX without being bewitched
That will mean, as if your character genuinely volunteers himself, and consciencelessly disregards the Cabals nefarious goals/possible deception as well, he may possibly serve under the Cabals banner. However it requires a convincing skill to make an appealing presentation to one of the superiors - there is of course the possibility the superiors considers your character approved.

We anticipate you'll agree to these terms, regardless if you overcome a voluntary attempt to join, or will get bewitched - in order to join the guild.
Unless there's a tremendously convenient reason to make an exception without agreeing

"Hhhhhh... You can not escape the inescapable, dear"
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