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re: Cabal's code of conduct


* No vulgarity or profanity in Guild-chat, along with the obvious things as insulting. Should you have a grudge with a member, take them in whisper or talk with a superior (officer) about it.

* No power-emoting or metagaming

* Treat eachother with respect and decency

* No scooting around, acting like a fool, or interfere other peoples RP and the likes. (These should hopefully be one of the obvious things for you)

* No weird or vulgar abbreviations (IC).

* SHOULD you engage in any RP encounters which regards ERP(Erotic roleplay). Please keep it distant and FAR outside of Cabal IX's influence. We do not intend to sift out frivolous obstacles, if people have caught you doing these actions. Remember you're responsible for your own actions, as you'll likely influence the entire guild with it, if you are not cautious.

* Please have patience, should inconveniences happen, which may cause delays or rescheduling of events/arrangements. Don't be impatient and a bother to the other Guild members.

*Restrain as well, from being an arrogant arse-hat. Being competitive to climb up the ranks, or disregard any passion to your roleplay - Acting lofty and smart, wont really improve your impression in the guild.
In contrary it can very easy result in an immediate kick. Not to mention, SHOULD an inconvenient encounter with a guild-member occur, for example an IC emote-battle gone wrong. Don't be so intolerant in refusing to give eachother a second chance, or atleast have the decency to sort out the inconveniences. We strictly are trying to preserve a friendly ambience and bond to our members... If the rules are callously spited upon, a kick from the guild will be a tempting option for the superiors.

* Should it be a necessity for you to go through a crowd of RPers OOC'ly, for example to quest/fetch something. Abit of decency never harms, hence it's much appreciated if you'll let the surroundings know whether you're IC or not Happy

* Finally, don't hesitate to take initiative some times, if you have any ideas for events. Spit out!;)

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