Xen'narazath "Zsharrin" Nefarimus

Xennarazath Nefarimus is the absolute exalted superior amongst the nine members of Zsharrs Council. Being litterally considered as a preternatural deity, the Cabal's members and superiors worships. He makes the utmost indispensable piece of the puzzle. Regardless, none assumably knows alot of Xen'narazath's essentials or entirely as a person, except a few of the utmost venerated and worthy Zsharrs. Though, the subordinate loyalists in the Cabal is however granted with fair information about his transcendant and deified position he's in. Only to ensure proper worship of him. He's also considered the mastermind behind nefarious and sinister plans, that'll likely be contemplated to enact through the Council and be distributed to life amongst Cabal IX's units. 

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