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Cabal IX's name (Obviously meaning "Cabal 9" which number was purposely named by the First Zsharr) symbolizes the nine super-superiors (deified and glorified by their members) of the Cabal, correctly known on the name: Zsharr 

The Zsharrs importance is the responsibility to maintain order and perserverence for the Cabal's existence, and organize plans that harbours sinister and dominating designs, and then destribute their diaboligcal plans further on to their members. The plans, arrangements and debates concerning the Cabals future are all being stressed and deliberated inside the Zsharrs Council. Thus are the Zsharrs obviously highly indispensable for their subordinates, and the organization to thrive properly.

The first Zsharr Xennarazath outstands remarkably the other Zsharrs, as according to their encrypted codex and biographical history, Xennarazath is assumed to be the utmost surpreme and 'deified' ruler of Cabal IX, sharing an utterly special bond with the rest of the Zsharrs that ensures his powerful role. The Zsharrs also keeps theological study to their members, sustained whenever they can, otherwise "The Lore-Master" is the one who takes care of such, with the rest of ranks in that path (Path of Theology). Some degree of knowledge concerning their theology is however also an expectation that is given to every cabalist, regardless the path they choose.

The number "9" was specifically added to the Cabal's name by the first Zsharr countless years ago, for the purposeful reason to represent the Zsharrs Council and the amount of Zsharrs. Along with a following depiction of loftiness and greatness, as Nine is obviously the number of completion in the numerology (The highest valued number). Thus as the nine is the greatest number of numbers we know, so should the nine Zsharrs together reflect the same greatness. Xennarazath's intentions was to create and enhance 8 more Beings (once ordinary) with dark power to nearly match his own power. He basically, so to speak, replicated his "kin" enough to form a clique (which word he replaced with the name "Cabal") and along with the quantity of nine Zsharrs, so became the name: Cabal IX. Emphasizing it in a fraction: Cabal + 9/IX = Cabal IX. (<--- Obvious enough?:D)

Thus had Cabal IX birthed their existence and foundation.  

Despite the nine Zsharrs are very well working under the same banner, and holds the Cabals preservation as a first priority, their hunger and craving desire for supremacy will prove not to be easily sated. In spite of their rank being already held aloft to superior standards, they are practically, under controlled and circumstantial rivalry, competing against eachother. Each Zsharr attempts to better herself/himself in a subtle/discreet and appropriate fashion to surpass the other Zsharrs, in hope of approaching the nearest rank next to their respected and venerable leader - Xennarazath. Meaning the Zsharrs (depending on their rank, from 9 to 1) always will try somehow to best the one who has obtained a rank above them. For insightful informations about their rivalry; Click here.


The Black Fluid.         

During the First Zsharr's ambitious shenanigans of captivating the other eight Zsharrs, he later placed them before the idea (he believed was essential to keep their insatiated thirst for power down) of forcefully connecting each of them to a dangerous but controlled condition. He thus embodied each Zsharr an entirely different organic system, that'd blacken all their body fluids (Figuratively speaking: replacing their hearts with a black-infested heart). The black fluid working as the fuel/life-source for their bodies to function, and more importantly being the source that binds their lives with eachother. Therefore it creates the idiot-proof that if a Zsharr bows to his/her temptation of hurting another one, the Zsharr only damages himself and the entire circle. The exception that anulls their utter dependence is when a challenge is declared towards a Zsharr, and thus the First Zsharr removes the two duelling Zsharrs from their bond. Untill a winner is declared.). The black blood, surging through the Zsharrs veins, was also a way to rid any doubt regarding their "royal blood", meaning if they encountered an imposter they'd be able to prove him/her wrong by cutting a wound. The black blood was also depicted and considered a religious belief in their theology. Genuinely they delude their members with their black blood, as a proof of their deification. That is finally why the Zsharrs carry the blood of the First Zsharr with pride, and an exaggerated belief of they posses a godlike stature. 

It is therefore obligatory for any Preeminent Competitor seeking to dethrone and replace a Zsharr, to be linked with the black blood in order to join the Zsharrs occult but dependent bond.

 Bound to dependence

The (perhaps unfair) important connection the Zsharrs has for eachother, despite their tendency to deride eachother, has forced their antagonistic rivalry to be sat on hold, since, should one of them inflict serious damage to another Zsharr, the offensive Zsharr would, however miniorly, spread the pain to himself and rest of the Nine. Including the First Zsharr. In that way it (besides thwarting rash attempts to dethrone eachother) also infuriates and feeds the Zsharrs rivalry, because of their incapacitation of acting upon their instincts. To their favour however, they conserve it (although some Zsharrs may not be able to restrain themselves) for an official and agreed challenge between two Zsharrs that is declared by the first Zsharr. During that timeframe of battling, the dependent effect the blood has will be annulled and removed during the fight, untill either wins.

Regardless they do not disregard the responsibility and lawful enforcement that is expected from them, in the Cabal. Obviously since they are under unified standards, they will still cooperate. Especially in emergent needs. The Zsharrs Council is as well held under friendly circumstances.

In over all, the black blood is the key to their ,frequently hated, but inescapable dependence they have for eachother. Should a Zsharr however actually stand before his/her demise, the same wont regard to the rest of the Zsharrs naturaly. But the loss of a "heart" in their linked connection would have a great impact on their capacity, strength, magical potency and functionality. Consequentially meaning each death of a Zsharr, without having another qualified Being to replace the loss, their reinforced core of all powers will immensely feel the impact and eventually diminish. That vulnerably leaves the first Zsharr (upon the demise of every Zsharr) stripped from multiple powers, he was granted by the other8, and thus returns to his normal condition of gifts and powers, he had to begin with.

Nine, Not Enough

As some time had passed, after the Zsharrs Council was founded, the Cabal was troubled with paranoia and suspicion to their surroundings. Believing whenever a Zsharr was exposed alone, some unanticipated assult would strike him/her, or be plotting behind their back to seize them. The unnerving suspicion was caused on the fear of their past grudges, sought to retribute the Zsharrs. Thereby felt they had to advance differently and carefully, despite their enhanced skills in dark arts. Even with proper manipulation techniques to coerce people against their enemies, they couldn't remotely stay present at every single corner or location to ensure their safety. Besides they had aswell dominating endeavors, to subordinate people they saw fit for protection and eventually be "omnipresent".  

Through a lengthy time of compelling other people to submission and into Cabal IX, the Zsharrs decided to abolish their careful plan of just being 9 powerful people, and instead scattered responsibilities, plans, ambitions and rewards around the people who had now become Cabalists, while still supervised by the Zsharrs. 

Cabal IX shares not, unless profitable.

"Cabal IX shares not, unless profitable" These words defines the ultimate greediness and selfishness the Cabal follows. It renders, if a negotiation or alliance is created between the Cabal and the other party, a certain carelessness, egotism, and callous behavour to whomever they're allied with. Especially if said alliance has no important or intriguing goal for needing their help, or any impressive profit to present them with, at the end of the alliance. Thus will the Cabal seem extremely picky of accepting possible, external, assitance. The Cabal (so to speak) follows a motto: If the Cabal is not supplied with profit/promising rewards in whichever alliance they made - "We are unhealthy to the un-wealthy". The reason for their redundancy is, typically, they consider themselves to be far too esteemed and superior to not see specifically need for "external" supplies or aid. Usually if they are in need of more units under their command, they'd just advance into possessive actions of twisting people into their clutches, through their inexorable bewitchments, or very persuasive coercion. Their vast egotism, loftiness, extreme expectations, and unfair conditions they request upon an alliance, is due to a historic incident in the past:

The Cabal was, once, more open to unify with other organizations who fostered the same atrocious goal as them. But from a past attempt of  creating a bond with another organization, they met only an eventual deception. Soon they were to meet the irony of being deceived, than be the deceiver. The Cabal was, subconcsious to their entire attack, cought by surprise and ambushed, causing a huge toll on their members and lives from honored superiors of the Cabal. The Zsharrs and the remaining superiors managed to reassemble what remains and pieces they had left, and make a plan that'd seize their enemy for good, and finally incapacitate any possibility the organization could open "fire", upon them. Such ended victoriously, but with a confirmation of, next to never, create an alliance.

It's why Cabal IX often work to lure people into their necromantic bewitchments, and assume control of them under -their- influence. Believing they're able to increase their numbers and strength with the tools and measures they already have.