With an inexorable height of standing nearly ten feet tall. Consumed and as if devoured by the dark clad and fel-intoxicated gear, she carries the remorseless radiation of engulfing energy of fel, awaiting to defile its surroundings. With a subsequent aural corruption undoubtably reeking out within a certain radius, however the radiation average intensity, could presumably evoke to a much more superior condition, to intensify. Her entire dark clad and vivid (if not bionical) gear, would reveal frequent paranormal shrieks and noises from the very plates.
Despite being stalked by the inconcealably fetid energy of fel, and the aural corruption. She would in her wake defile the brisky and plain air with the restless toxic gas of fel. Her towering figure would reveal the sculpture of the body, hidden within the plates. Possessing a quite prominent and oddly curvy shape, along with her waistline appears (despite the larger scale from her height) sleek, even from wearing the tainted and bulky burden of hers.
The engulfing fumes raying on her helmets fronts, which obviously suggests being her eyes, washes their inexorably intimate stare throughout the view.
Rumours would tell, that those whom notoriously has witnessed her sole glare, said that it was as if a thousand tormented souls leering causing their genuine souls to wither.
Despite her unquestionably recognizable darkened appearance (for obvious reasons) her genuine being, underneath the layers of the fel-intoxicated plates, has remained unidentifiable by the thorough consumption of the dark clad gear.

Despite her visibly-confined face, Liah often as if not always, carries a mischievous smile, awry across her face. Regardless the circumstance. Indicating the infinity of spite, sarcasm and confidence. spiting on whatever may jeopardize or display as a misery to her. Her identity is often recognized by her acquantances/relations, from the hallow presence and hoarse exhales, she constantly emitts from her helmet, which oozes with fel. Making her phrases frequently interfered by the hoarse exhaling eruptions, which often indicate a potential intention to harbour sinister designs.
In disregard of her egoism and arrogant facade, her acquantances and indifferent relations often shows their respective and cooperative side to her (atleast a few of them). As if under sheer concern for being involved in whatever sinister designs she might contemplate. 
"Lady Aewynn" is her recognizable title, which her acquantances adress' her as.

All in all, the dark and thick outfit she carries, seems constantly covered in a form of shell of atmospheric taint of fel. Her pauldrons, oozes inexorably with fel and corruptive shade, to poison and defile the air around her. Treads of shadow frequently emitts around her tunic, along by the colossal axe she wields. However it's mostly in any cases, sheathed on her back, due to seldom use.

-Liah rarely circumvents regularities, under the exception if someone manages to display themselves appealing or of interest