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Necromancy and remorseless reanimation, those two elements are the most prominent and practiced expertise within the entire Cabal IX. Which is why there're so many aspects and elements in their foundation, which is based on -some- form for a necromantic undertone, even the bewitchments are consistent with necromancy(Which basically is how the Cabal distributes people into an obedient possession). Since it's such a practiced element yet not in extreme levels, the Cabal aligned a special department, a Path where their people could have an actual obligatory enlightenment and lesson about how to transcend limits of necromantic reanimation, and elevate your skills and knowledge to sublimation. It is considered to be the paradise and "Land of Wonders" for Reaniatmors, corruptor, necromancers and so forth, due to the Path's sole purpose of expanding their horizon in said necromancy, and whatnot of "dirty" work.

This particular path is basically to educate the Cabalists a transcendent knowledge and possessive necromantic abilities, to accommodate the bewitchments and vicious organic experiments. That can blatantly put; literally collecting bodies and people whether they're alive or not, restlessly having frequently and vague contemplations to target most random but potential people, for their necromantic patchwork and corruption. 

What exactly is necromancy and reanimation, how is it a benefit to the Cabal?

Necromancy is the blackest of all black magical elements and arts, it is a form of magic in which the practitioner seeks to summon the spirit of either a deceased person, or something regarded to death and corroted organism. Crudely exploiting their magical possesion to aid their associates with undeath manipulation, as well as being effecient corruptors, which is an indispensable role for the Cabal. However Reanimation is slightly different, it is mostly consistent to an actual surgery upon either a dead or even alive person, trying to adjust, transform or adapt their essentials and physical body to a certain ambience or situation. Litterally the reanimators has the same 'employment' as Patchworkers, which is building vicious constructs and abomination - However, Reanimators are also expertised to modify organic parts, even the genes within a living being.

It all being beneficial factors for the Cabal, as their work and collection of more servants will be distributed right to the Cabal's influence.

The text below shows how the ranks is ordered within this Path:


Apprentices are assumed to be the apprentice of The Organ (Leader of The Path), they're the new students who seeks to be enlightened what lies beyond ordinary necromancy, bending primarily to The Organ's and other superior's will. Their job will prove to be momentary assistance for any sorts of corruption and experiments the Reanimators performs, untill they've exercised their knowledge and abilities within the Cabal's inexorable necromancy, and finally attain the required conditions for admission to grow their branch to a higher level. When their study is over, and proof they've optimized their quality within the necromantic path, they're capable to choose two optional ranks (Being Collector or Necromancer) and develope from there. Each rank is specialized and seperated between two elements: Striving for corruption and dark ritualism, or necromantic pathwork and reanimation.

(Optional for Apprentices) Necromancer:

Necromancers (which are the ones residing within the "corruptive department" of the Cabal) are the darkest form of a Spell-Flinger, with reckless black arts of magic they're the ones to communicate with the death and are considered as an accomplice for the Cabal's rituals and even bewitchments. The Career of corruption and possive magic is what the necromancers seeks to advance utmostly, especially improvement to engage further affairs and communication with said the dead. Their work are mostly to assist the Corruptors to alter and possess people, and whoever may tempt them to corrupt with their black magic. Hence the necromancers are enthusiastically aspiring to claim the summit of the Path to and become competent ritualists or corruptors. (Note: Even though your character may already be expertised in necromancy, you can not jump ahead and claim this rank immediately. You may be a necromancer, but you're not the Cabal's necromancer) 


Corruptors are specifically aligned to solely work with nefarious corruption, serving to primarily accommodate and manage magical possession and alteration of essences and souls. They're the most recommended option for contamination and delinquency upon a being, or even subtle and internal corruption inside an organization. 

Basically they're some competent spell-flingers, working especially in the depths of Cabal's necromantic Path/section, primarily handling all of the dark corruptions and taints with their black magic.


Being a Ritualist is a shamanistic profession. They are particularily specialized in obvious rituals and channeling powers of the dead and spiritual world. Almost like necromancers they share a bond, a link with the dead, however Ritualists are also capable to awake ancient and forgotten spirits. Nonetheless their work is done in a more subtle manner than Necromancers, and are capable with a gifted and effective mending, much like a Monk. A typical recognition of a Ritualist is their robes, garnished with bones, shells, teeths, even engraved tattoos or marks is prominent on a ritualist. Regardless their vast alternative to decorate themselves, they're the performers who channels and reimburses the corruptive magic for the bewitchments. They're also responsible for greater rituals, like summonings.  

The Ritualists are also capable from having granted their beneficial abilities to the Cabal, from their confined level of powers could give, hence they're capable to either archieve a "certificate" and rid the very last specticism to become an Exemplary (A proof you've been succesfully educated through the Path of Necromantic Sublimation), Or they can also optionally claim the Rank; Puppeteer: Which is basically working as the secondary manager for the necromantic path/section, however under more unkempt circumstances. Regardless, it's not very recommended a Ritualist aspires to obtain and join the Puppeteers, as their alignment isn't very sufficient for a Ritualists more circumspect and proficient skills and magic. Their classification is much more adapted to continue on with their 'career' and strive to be an Exemplary, although they -can- get to be a Puppeteer, however it'd likely require to alter their mending and shamanistic profession to something abit more reckless.

(Optional from Apprentice) Collector:

A Collector (Despite being considered as some of the rather unkempt and even pathetous servants of the Cabal) plays contrarily a very necessary and important role within the Necromantic path. However as wicked or extortionate it may be, the Collectors are the ones who constantly provides the Reanimators their supply literally with 'bodies', by defination; they reimburses the Reanimator's "stock" with bodies or other organic things, from any sort of race or humanoids the Reanimators or Puppeteers uses for their vicious and atrocious experimentation, to either alter or create a body for a soul. Basically they presumably keep a vague eye on anything that'd prove to appear as organic and with a humanoid shape, in which may intrigue them and find a potential to be collected  for the Cabal's necromantic section/department. Although they abnormally keep a vague and searching eye for actual human-beings within populated circumstances, they do act with subtility and discretion as first priority, trying to sustain their form for 'work' under circumspection, before they finally act. Regardless their scuzzy work, they got an absolute indispensable part of Reanimator's dependence.


An Alchemist is a practitioner of alchemy, studying any aspects the Chemistry's world has to offer, where the alchemist has a seemingly magical power or process of transmuting various of deadly elements, to poison or contanimate any liquids or modest things you can consume. The Alchemist is responsible to keep a constant supply of useful potions and elixirs to the Cabal - especially it's a must for the Reanimators to have, in order to wholly taint whichever 'victims' that's involved in the necromantic experiments. Technically they create the requisite variety from deadly potions, to exquisite and entrancing elixirs to the Cabals own consumption but also corruption. Not to mention their ability to transmute even the most complexive elements into something useful for the Cabal, but destructive for their enemies.


The ones with gore intentions, the ones with inexorable plans to alter organic bodies and build constructs as if it was a piece of art, The ones who considers the 'insides' of a body as toys. The Reanimator is (Despite their unkempt and very unhygienic condition of work) considered as a venerable unit within the Path, working primarily with actual Body-Alterations and any sort of drastical corruption on the physical appearance, or the 'internal' parts on an organism. Hence their rather "dirty" work is an incredible aid, which accommodates the Cabal with abominable or actual living constructs, they can dispense when war is upon them.

As well as Ritualists, Reanimators are also capable to optionally choose to expand their horizon on their necromantic and goreful competence. They're as well considered to be the most aligned group to classify a Puppeteer, which basically is a secondary manager for the entire community of "Necromantic Sublimation". Otherwise (If the chance to be a puppeteer is declined by the Reanimator himself) there're always the obligatory path to certify the Zsharrs and other sceptical superiors, that you can be an Exemplary of Necromancy - Thus being able to claim the rank; Exemplary, and climb the summit to further enhance their superiority.

(Optional from Reanimator and Ritualist) Puppeteer:

A puppeteer is one who actually has a manipulative influence on 'puppets' (Puppets are considered to be actual human-beings, who are involuntarily compelled to do, obey and serve as their master commands. Much like an inanimated object, which a real puppeteer steers by strings and uses to entertain people with). Regardless the cruelties and unreasonable ways a puppeteer chooses to accommodate the Cabal with his many servants, they remain self-employedly proactive in their own profession of gathering more 'subjects' under their influence, thus they can use their own connection of servants to accomplish 'private goals' of their own. Perhaps even with the help from the Cabal, though it depends on how profitable their own service can render Cabal IX as a whole. (OOC it requires the invidual regards circumspection in their consideration, otherwise the lack of caution and said circumspection is a door to trouble and Drama. Be cautious not to exaggerate your own bewitchments upon people, so it becomes meaningsless and uncontrollable. To let it function as decent as possible and should you have a large connection of servants but only craves to harvest more, it's a necessity that it should be done purposefully, and with a valid productive reason - not to mention; ooc agreements should also be certified between the Puppeteer and the victim).

The Organ:

The Organ is the very ruler of the Path, who has the main responsibility of sustaining order and keeping the members under control, to avoid quarrelsome encounters between the members of the Path or any other form for spontanous chaos. Much like a real organ within an organism which takes care the body is functioning optimally, so does the same count for The Organ, to maintain organization in their system, plans, corruption and their constructive patchwork. They also frequently join a council meeting with the Zsharrs, to discuss how their Necromantic section can get improved, or if The Organ feels they need more 'units' join their service.

(Note: OOC'ly it requires an approval of the invidual's skill in Leadership, from the superiors. As The Organ is a very needed Rank within the Cabal, the superior must be certified that who-ever has the intentions to claim that rank, they will attribute the ooc and IC responsibility that follows subsequent in possessing the rank. We don't really intend to give the rank to a person, who only has a "one-time" motivation to manage it, despite people may very well have worked their way rightously.)