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Path of Radient Affliction is considered to be an institution of higher learning, research, or honorary membership of occult rituals and any arts of black magic that's primarily used for affliction and/or dark summonings. In a more specific term though, their work to institute practices of dark enchantments and presents of great devilish antiquity to the Zsharrs, the Path would definately be more recognized as a Scholomance. The Path's occult endeavors and education are to gift the Cabal IX their very own self-employed department of educational research in said dark magic and bewitchment. For example the Path can be aligned to anyone, even previous 'non-magicians' can ,through spiritual training, be granted with occult gifts, that can bestow them a degree of magical possession (however it's very little). However it's most recommended for actual sorcerers to adapt and contribute their abilities to this particular Scholomance, for their own advantage of passing immediately through the obligatory lessons which 'non-magical' users must go through. Basically this Scholomance is a perfect alignment for any sorcerers to elevate their skills and explore what lies beyond. Functioning as a great and dangerous 'army' of spell-casters and other ranged spell-flingers, for Cabal IX. They're content in their belief to vanquish anyone who may step forth and oppose their will, or any threat which could bring their organization in jeopardy.

According to their secretive codex, they're the Cabal's core of destruction, striving to elevate their potence in sorcery to a limitless point, as well as lecturing their acolytes and recruits with a maximum intensity of teaching them the big variety of black magic, as quick as possible. Their scholomance is temporarily localized upon the island: Caer Darrow, outside Scholomance. 


An acolyte is a devoted follower or attendant of the greater Spell users who performs liturgical rites, in which the acolyte can also be an assistant of. Acolytes basically aids in magical enhancements, and also with clerical mending. Although being far from a novice, but still a subordinate who's still under lecture to better their magic from the superiors, they're still (However it depends on the person) competent spell-casters, often contributing what they've learned so far in battle-encounters that may grant them a chance to make an impression. Other than that, acolytes are also under a minior study of the Cabal's Theology and religious preaching, which they must complete, as it's obligatory to know abit atleast of the Cabal and Zsharrs historical highlights or of its foundation, in order to get promoted to the next rank.


Spell-flingers are like sorcerers, enchanters, illusionists. They're someone who uses and practices magical arts that derives from pretenatural or occult sources, however their use of magic is basically their primary ambition. Although they've naturaly gone through the same educational path as Acolytes, some spell-flingers ends up with an excessive boost of magic, which possibly could be based on innate talent that improves their abilities with a faster pace than others. Regardless, Spell-Flingers covers under a rather vast category of particular Spell-casters, they're also mainly considered to be (whilst still being under education of black magic and unexplored arts) battleful and belligerent sorcerers, not hesitating to join in any warlike matters, but in contrary be venerated once they return victoriously from any hostile activity. They are also capable to be the celebrant who performs the liturgical rites, as well as teaching acolytes about their rituals.

Spell-Flingers are also capable to become an Arch magus or the enforcers of how the Path's institution is conducted: Dark Enforcer.

Arch Magus:

Arch Magus is generally a title used to identify a powerful wizard, who has attained supernatural powers that's been bended to an unusual energy source of, for example; Black magic or noxious energy used to cause devastating results with magnitude. Their prime goal is to excel any other spell-casters within the Cabal, assumably from arrogance and loftiness caused by their great powers, they consider their associates typically as rivals rather than 'employees' under the same banner. Though in almost all cases Arch Mages do know their limit they're permitted to cause havoc and brag with their substantial destructive powers.

They are typically portrayed as people who have, one way or another, gained the ability to influence the world around them in ways modern physics does not readily permit. This usually draws upon unusual energy sources, ranging from personal willpower to ambient arcane energy to naturally occurring ley lines. In almost all cases they are a subset of wizards, magicians, druids, or other profession which uses said energy, albeit typically a highly disciplined and usually substantially more powerful and/or influential subset.

An Arch Magus however can not be (Unless there's a highly convenient and purposeful reason to be) or follow the road to become an exemplary, other than aspiring to hit the top of the Path and claim the "Potentate", thus contributing their darkest and malicious magic to the rest of their institution/scholomance. Otherwise they're able to just stay as an Arch magus, but being creative in their own way and improve their powers and intelligence within the rank.

Dark Enforcer:

Dark Enforcers are considered to be the more responsible people, working as an authority who takes care that their Codex of the dark education is disciplined and enforced by their subordinates and mages. Basically the Potentates right hand. They mainly participate the meetings with the Potentate of the path, discussing productively of what they (for example) can do better, in order to preserve an intellectual education to their people. It is rare that they circumvent in battleful ambience though as they're more considered to be the wise enforcers, joining mostly in diplomatic circumstances, unless they strive to "complete" their institute and service within the Path. Thus claiming the Exemplary rank.


Portayed typically as the superintendent and/or surpreme ruler of the Cabal's scholomance, being the venerable leader who's organizing and leading the magical institution. They primarily ensures everything remains in order, and the education and occult rituals are being done properly, so it becomes a certainty the acolytes gets a fruiting education and enlightenment from said dark magic to preternatural and extraordinary exploitations of dark energy. The potentate are as well the emissary for the Path of Radiant Affliction which they represent when they're frequently apart of the venerably diplomatic meetings: Zsharrs council.

(ooc'ly it also requires verification from superiors, if you're competent and consistent in your own way to lead an organization. Expect strict conditions if this rank is claimed, as it's a highly venerable and respected rank, though as the famous quote says: "With great power comes great responsibility"!)