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Path of the Arbiter is basically alike an offensive military quarter - but also considerable royalty is consistent, within the path. The path's work, primarily accommodates Cabal IX to sustain their battlefront and defenses with necessary units, yet also practicing potential Cabalists to an exerted level of combative but organized and circumspect aggression. Their bellicose specialization is however most sufficient for the rather heavy units, such as plate-wearers and other heavy arms. Though it's not an exclusion for Spell-casters to submit to the Path too, as sorcerers can also be classified, though their numbers are very confined unlike the rest within the path. 
Regardless, the Path is where the rather robust actions, decisions and other practices are being enforced, working as a form of a court for treachery too. This particular 'court' is mainly presided by the Arbiter himself, along by having the rest of the Path (depending on how serious the treason is) to witness and display hatred to the certain Deceiver.
It is where the Arbiter's sentences are being certified and concluded, thereby they announce a deserved punishment to said deceiver. This may as well unfold to a gruesome outcome: Being executed. Therefore they are the enforcers to sustain the allegiance within the Cabal.

The Veiled Guild

Besides the Path's offensive system and court. The Path isn't an all belligerent Offense for warlike matters, as it has its very own association for all kind of assassins, veiled gladiators or anyone with a natural, competent and cunning skill with blades and unarms. This particular origin of the Guild was founded by the nine Zsharrs under their developement of the Cabal. The Veiled Guild basically established when they figured out their evolutionary quantity of cunning melee units and other veiled warriors, was cluttering their spaces and rooms where they could practice and improve themselves.


A potential is the very first step you take within the Path of Arbiter, with ambitions to pursue higher ranks for supremacy as any new-commer of a path, they've to face the sceptics and prove themselves to have exquisite skills. Although a potential is only being considered as one of the subordinates within the Path, it doesn't mean you're entirely liberated from any kind of work in the path; such as being involved in the "military" matter and/or offensive operations,. - Already at this level will it be where the difficulity is raised to the highest level, which requires you to muster, to endure, to pass every single test which is both regarded physically but also mentally. Whatever trial the "Potential" will be rushed through, can likely require a bulky, robust strength and dexterity to pass.

Venerable blood:

You've become the venerable blood within the path, amongst the people who has surpassed the requisite skills and impression to become, atleast a respected person, yet that doesn't mean the taxing aspiration to possess an influential is over. Venerable blood is like the main term for being a soldier/combative unit of the Arbiter's path, where some remains to actually stay put within the rank (Which is a possibility, however it's likely consequent for your career to develope). Regardless the decisions, they're capable to submit their abilities to two optional ranks: The Veiled Guild and Omnivorous Predator.

Omnivorous Predator:
Recklessness, harshness, excruciating intentions. Their exquisite amount of relentlessness they've evolved (through a naturally-borned predation) a ravenous urge and desire to kill, toture and all of the possible wickedness to serve the Cabal. They will not relent before their mission is accomplished or their target is executed. Although their abominable atrocities they'd be pleased to fullfill, they're not mere mindless abominations, with no tactical stragey or systematical organization in their actions. Omnivorous Predators are like the rest of the venerable ranks within the path, however has specifically chosen to exceed (maybe) their natural limits of toughness. Their extreme quality makes them potentially a dangerous opponent, whilst some of them strives to pursue in becoming the Arbiter (Note: Only one can acquire the Arbiter's place. Meaning; the option is only valid if the rank is vacant)
The Veiled Guild:
As mentioned before. The Veiled Guild is a place only sufficient to sneaky/insidious rogues and other veiled ones. For more detailed information: Click Here 
Pursuers are ones who strives to gain and accomplish more lofty and exemplary goals. They seek to advance and maturate their knowledge and profiency to the final level of skill and gain full reliability and control over their qualified abilities, they've been taught. Pursuer (In the term of awaiting a final "Trial/Examination" for Promotion, which is also considered as a temporary rank only.) has no particular responsibility for a department within the Cabal, other than the logical; to concentrate on his own matters and improvement of his abilities, to surpass the requisite requirements it takes to be entitled as an Exemplary.
The Arbiter is the very superior within the entire Path, excelling above anyone else regarding authority and superiority. The Arbiter do lead in over all the defensive and offensive department, however the Arbiter has (Other than making sure the The Veiled Guild sustains under control) no particular importances to The Veiled Guild, as they're self-employedly being instructed and trained on their own, and by their own instructor(s). Nonetheless the Arbiter (as the name indicates) functions as a High Court Judge, and "The obliterator" of deception. Primarily his duty to accommodate the Cabal, goes as follows:
-Being the final destination for betrayers to get sentenced to whichever cruel punishment, that may be certified.
-Being the Eye of Order, having a narrowed and vague view treason or internal corruption within the Cabal - And especially the Arbiter's path.
-Assign the others within the Path to learn how to perform a succesful interrogation upon captivated scouts/infiltrators or the ordinary    Deceivers.
-Taking care of events sustain and remain in order, within the Cabal's offensive units.