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Theology: The study of an actual religious faith in the Zsharrs, practice and experience; especially: The study of the First Zsharr's nature and opinion/concerns related to the Zsharrs. Without the study takes an excessive and sacriligious turn. The Path of Theology let's the worshippers and theologians access a much more aligned section for the worshippers to study, and get enlightened about the entire Cabal's nature and tradition. They are the keepers who enforces the rest of the Cabal to be enlightened about their story and 'religion' as much as it is possible.

Throughout a thorough study of the Cabal's nature and the Zsharrs existence, another opportunity will awake in the Path's religious ranks; Zshar'rins: A Zshar'rin being a secondary assumption of a Zsharr. They're the ultimate veiled elites, (Commonly known as a lightening-fast and competent assassin) and a vague, sacred praetorian for the Zsharrs, personally. A Zshar'rin is both the master of blades, dexterity, agility and strategy but also master a great knowledge of the Cabal's theology, who still worships the Zsharrs. Probably more than anyone, however in a more venerable way, than humility.

The primary goal of the Path.

The goal of the path is specifically to preserve the Zsharr's history and the religious faith in Zsharrs to every being, within the Cabal. Believing the First Zsharr especially; being literally a form of a God who will guide them and lay a hand above them, to bestow them the protection and 'strength' that's needed in certain, and emergent situations. Nonetheless, the intensity of worshipping and believing in the first Zsharr, variates alot between the paths - As, with all due respect, the ones who doubts the first Zsharr for not being a god, but merely their respected leader (Which likely regards the other paths)- thus will the worshippers and the Constables of the Path attempt to make them believe their leader has obtained a godlike position. Thereby he should be worshipped more as an actual god, than just their leader. Their religious ambition is confidentally dependent on their belief of the first Zsharr's powers and gifts are limitless.


A postulant (basically being selected or voluntary candidates for admission into the Cabal's religious path) is a petitioner seeking to submit themselves into the theological enviroment and await admission from the path's superiors. They're the ones with endeavors, to get enlightened primarily about the history of the Zsharrs and share the religious belief of their godlike "Nine leaders", as well a possible inspiration to elevate and steer the ranks towards the Zshar'rins (Zsharrs Veiled Praetorians). 


An accepted member of the Path. They're particularily the people, seeking to decently spread the words internally about their beloved Cabal isn't a simple organization, but sooner having its own religion. However, (depending on the worshippers skills and competence) worshippers can also be units of war, skilled combatants and sorcerers. Some, turning out to be 'sacred' warriors of the Cabal in battle, mostly to represent a glorious - yet also religious encouragement, buffing eachother with motivation and a brighter sight on even the most hopeless battles, or whatever consequences the Cabal's crime will follow subsequent.

Worshippers are able to, after a while of loyal service in the Path, they can be granted with two accessible and optional ranks. Each having their particular education. Making a seperation from the ones seeking to be Zshar'rins and the others who intends to stay theological.

 (optional from worshipper) Constable:

A constable is the ones particularily in charge to keep the religious continuity drifting, whilst also enforcing purity and correction in what the worshippers are being taught. They're the exterminater of any blasphemous obstacles and despair, internally and externally of the Cabal. Basically being the protagonists within the Path, purifying any possible corruption or despair from their people. Constables are also compatible in battle or offensive actions, whenever it's the necessity, making them as venerable enforcers of the Cabal's history and immortality, so the Cabal will continue breeding new units, under their control. 

  The Cabal's Emissaries are the agents/diplomatical messangers, who frequently attends in infiltrating interactions with - for example their enemy or other organizations, which may hold valuable informations. An Emissary is especially a delusional diplomat who's often on external work, however represents in discretion; Cabal IX. Regardless the circumstance however, Emissaries never disregards circumspection before they make any interactions. Being said very circumspective in whichever diplomatic infiltration they've been commissioned to.
They're capable in either choosing between two obligatory ranks: Zsharr's advisor, or Lore-master.
Lore-masters are the absolute keepers of the Cabal's history and its lore. Being lectors of full education and proof of they can acknowledge any important informations, regarding historic events and their theological concept. Working, in a figure of speech, as libarians for the Constables and Worshippers whenever they're in doubt about the encyclopedia of Cabal IX. They possess a responsible and influential rank, within the Path of Theology. Dispensing mainly informations and are proven to be the utmost wise and intelligent units in the Cabal.
Zsharrs advisor:
- As the name indicates the main definition. Zsharrs Advisors are specialists in more and deeper knowledge in a specific area, which has any concerns and importance for the Cabal. Being personal Advisors of the Zsharrs, meaning they'll be participating the occasional meetings within the Council of Zsharrs, to actually supervise them and be available for advices and wise suggestions.

 (optional from worshipper) Loyalist:

Through a long hurdle of proving your loyalty and devotion to the Cabal's sacred and religious order, it's finally been a fruition of claiming the rank; Loyalist: A loyalist of Path of Theology is obviously a form for devotees, who pursues to aspire greater knowledge and the religious and traditional ways of the Cabal, however only in basical terms. It's seldom loyalists educates themselves on the same advanced level as Emissaries or Constables, as their path is more aligned and navigated towards further practical experience; mastering the gift you've got from birth: Your physique. Loyalists are particularily striving (whilst still harvesting more knowledge of the Cabal's theology) to improve their use of weapons, combat abilities and of course - devotion to the Zshar'rins. Hoping for approval and admission into sufficient training to better their chances in becoming "Zshar'rins vision"...

Zshar'rins Vision:

 You've managed from being a loyalist to claim how the Zshar'rins has visioned you: Zshar'rins Vision are the 'trainees' from the rank; loyalist, that has managed to improve their skills to be worthy combatant, under veiled circumstances. With aspiration to even exceed their natural limits of physical speed and agility, they strive to maintain impressive signs, to wholly live upto be exemplary of how the Zshar'rins has visioned you. Basically being adepts of Zshar'rins, and can also access full potential of optimizing their attributes, by training in The Veiled Guild (A small organization, based only on exercising and improving the Cabal's assassins and Veiled trainees).

Veiled Elite:

They're the ones who has attained full potential and contribution, to be viewed as worthy and potent candidates to become Zshar'rins. Having a chance to finally present and render their efforts of what they've been taught about, to the Zshar'rins or Zsharrs. However, their exalted position doesn't mean an immediate accessible passageway, for any Veiled Elites. Only if one of the candidates out of the others will be chosen by the Zshar'rins/Zsharrs, concluding in thorough decisions if the Veiled Elite has transcended the standards his rank's difficulity otherwise could provide. Veiled Elites are usually also the superiors and lectors, training and instructing other Loyalists and trainees, within The Veiled Guild. As naturaly, reaching the summit of claiming the Zshar'rins rank, is nothing about a contest or race. Hence, in most cases atleast, the Veiled Elites are venerable yet prominent instructors. Caring not, if they share their own knowledge to trainees.

If the candidate is chosen, the person will have to complete a trial, which could be any sort of test, that the Zshar'rins might think of. Yet it's to conclude if the candidate has fully rendered his full potential and abilities, in order to become a Zshar'rin. 



Zshar'rins are the apotheosis' of combat in circumstantial melee range.

A Zshar'rins is the absolute beings, who has reached exaltation to a divine level of combat and arms. Standing in the honorable position of being the Zsharrs very elites; personal praetorians. Their vast ego and loftiness, or atleast according to most, seperates the Zshar'rins from the Team-spirit, as in the previous ranks. Making them rather impossible to further lecture under any serious circumstances, due to their high level of combat, which they with ease can confide on.

Zshar'rins are also mostly the praetorians, using their insidious subtility to keep a vague eye on occasional meetings within the Zsharrs council. Always their eyes are awake, always their presence is near to strike any intrusive actions during important meetings, or emergent situations.













"I'm the hurtful punisher of The Venerable Nine, if you had not comitted your crime, The nine had not sent me upon you."

 A picture of a Zsharrin of Cabal IX. A ruthless being having the absolute competent skills in combat, regarding dexterity, endurance and agility. Proving themselves to be fearsome and a restless combatant.