Cabal IX's Rank System

According to the Cabal's developement in the past, where they expanded from nine Zsharrs to greater numbers, the organizational heirarchy was borned as well. Sorting out their many but systematical ranks, adequately to each of their responsibility and meaning. The heirarchy was designed to make a segregation between the more venerable - not to mention reliable people of the cabal, and the more weaker ranks that starts off with lesser skills, and influence.

Each ranks within the Cabal will however prove to eventually request more and more responsibility and continuity, in order to live up to the conditional ranks functionality.

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Auxiliaries are the people who basically serve only as IC assistence to the Cabal members. That position can stretch between volunteers who doesn't wish to join the guild, temporary service for the cabal (For example: Through an event, someone's been bewitched by the cabal, and temporarily pledge their serviceand even enemies of the Cabal who has been forcibly bewitched into command.

An Auxiliary's work can prove very unpredictable, since they basically have to adapt to whatever the desired task/assignment proves to be, that is requested by real members of the Cabal. For example: if the Cabal's Reanimators needs an assistant for their abominable patchwork, it's the auxiliary's job to accommodate them with any help they can provide. Another example is if the Arbiter (Being sort of a "Judge" whom presides in Cabal IX's 'courtroom') needs an executioner to execute the betrayers of the Cabal or anyone who has neglected them.

In the big picture, their assistance can fit anywhere, whenever it shows to be the necessity. It is most frequent, and as well the usual expectation, that they only assist IC'ly. But any initiatives ooc'ly, is greatly appreciated and will be taken note of. So an Auxiliary wont be granted a real invitation to the Cabal.

Yet if the Auxiliary -do- wish to be initiated within the Cabal and fully become a part of it, they can speak with a superior about it, where they'll guide you through certain points and clarifying questions, you'd have to agree to, and finally run you through a trial for initiation, IC.

- Upon wishing to join, it is also necessary to make an application.




 Initiates, who has passed through most of the sceptics and obviously the initiation, are people that're subordinated (through force, coercion or will) as inexperienced and oblivious servants, eager and/or curious to be lectured by what secret and dark arts the Cabal can teach. Their "unimportant" and inexperienced position will likely prove to be sat under constant pressure, condescendence, and disciplinary sessions, to test them in different qualities.

Therefore the initiates are implored to participate as many ceremonies, traditions, and meetings (events and other RP, that doesn't involve any lessons of the cabal, is naturaly the individuals own choice).

Basically the initiates are expectantly veiwed as aspirants of the Cabal. And regardless the possible  and very likely humility the initiates will experience, the superiors and Zsharrs expect most initiates to not abandon their ambition to pursue superiority, by giving into the pressure.



 A genuine member of Cabal. People that has been accepted through a time of trials and proof of their devotion, they have confirmed the superiors they're ready to advance further into the four seperated "schools" of the Cabal. Once promoted to granted access, will they unlock the opportunity to branch out into four optional paths that each presents various ranks which pertains different aspects/elements, teaching them how to operate and thrive, to serve the Cabal most effectively.

The goal of the four paths is specifically to, first of all, give the member a diversive and unique experience as they ascend in ranks. Secondly have the member(cabalist) choose to be well-educated in a specific element of power and/or enviroment, the cabal presents. Regardless upon the choice of a Path, the henceforth experience through the path will likely render the cabalist higher expectations from the superiors, and work to see through. Thus will the aspiring cabalist have to prove his worth and value more and more, as well endure whatever tests he's given in order to obtain any meaningful and respected rank within the path itself.

 Below you'll see four links which will provide a concrete explanation of the different values and occupations you can start your developement from.

Path of the Arbiter

Path of Theology

Path of Radiant Affliction

Path of Necromantic sublimation

The Anchor: 

(Ranks Symbolism: As the anchor was often the seaman's last resort in the weathers tempest wrath (storm), it was frequently connected with hope upon the ship. Being made of a solid body, the anchor was also identified as firmness, solidity and tranquility. The anchor remains firmly and steady amidst the stormy water, symbolizing the stable part of quality and/or being)

The Anchor, in the third degree lecture, is where the cabalist is taught that it is a symbol of well-grounded hope, steadiness and firmness, all aspects meant to organize and supervise all the four paths put together. Thus is The Anchor a highly advanced and responsible rank, as the anchor is the pillar that holds the four paths up. The Anchors primary job is to take care of the paths remains in control and productive, as well as hold status of the members in the paths, check if there is any paths that is in need of students/cabalists, or if there are any obstructions in one of the paths. Despite each path do have their own superiors/leaders taking care of the matters inside the path, the anchor's aid is highly indispensable, as it ensures a proper functionality to maintain order in the Path. THe Anchor must as well, upon rare cases of a path missing its leader, be the path's ruler until a chosen candidate will dedicate his time to lead the path.

Therefore, to eliminate the possibility of disagreement, this rank is only eligible for one person only, also because of its incredible dependent and responsible rank, this rank is viewed as the ultimate test of what a devotion and effort the member can pull off. The rank also qualifies a person of extraordinary competencies, stability, responsibility and reliability, which is also the requirements the person must have both OOC in order to claim the rank. Regardless the Anchor is a highly respected and venerable rank within the Cabal. Even the Zsharrs holds the anchor precious to them. 


A venerable and utterly respected rank, working as a certificate and proof of the education you've completed through a path, or even more. Meaning if you succeed through a path and thus is promoted to Exemplary, yet you choose to start another path to learn, to further increase your knowledge, influence and capability inside the cabal, it is likely not as easy as just entering a new.

Upon desire of a secondary path, the Exemplary must consult a Zsharr of the request which will be taken further to the council, and deliberately be spoken of there. Evaluating if you actually need a secondary parth or not. Regardless, being an exemplary is a key to unlock great opportunities to elevate further in the "Superiors league". They present themselves as paragons to the lower ranks. An icon of succes. They do not remotely have any responsibilities that burdens them, but the fact their continual work for supremacy continues. 

Exemplary can branch further out to become an "Overseer" or a "Preeminent Competitor".


Preeminent Competitor:

"What a long journey it's been"

A preeminent Competitor is the one who has been personally chosen by the Zsharrs through a thorough evaluation and observation of the competitor, to be granted a chance, yet perhaps also a final one, to declare a challenge against the ninth Zsharr or the lowest-ranked Zsharr. Thus strong preparation, efforts and will is required of the Competitor not to miss his/her chance to reach the pinnacle of the Cabal. Upon The First's decree, the loser is determined by obviously either forfeit or death. Each challenge however is cautiously and appropriately done, meaning should the candidate loose, another immediate challenge can't take place. Nor are these events of dethroning a Zsharr frequent. Other than that, this may also force the ninth Zsharr under constant pressure, having to face aspired competitor in battle for supremacy. The competitor will also however, should he win, keep in mind that replacing a Zsharrs rank he must sacrifice his own blood with the black-infested blood that'll bind him to the inescapable dependence of the other Zsharrs.

It may also be a very possible demand that the Preeminent Competitor must first go through a line of trials before even getting to dethrone a Zsharr.

(Ooc'ly it also requires verification from the other Zsharrs, if you are able to handle the responsibility it requires when becoming a Zsharr. Both in worse and better times)



The overseers, being an optional rank from Exemplary,  specifically take a different advance of drifting the leadership and superiority. They're a more authorizing alternative than becomming mere competitors, but working as the absolute rank of full control over the Cabal's subordinates and even well-educated exemplaries. Being similiarly as superintendents for the Cabal, however they naturaly do show a doubtless obedience to the Zsharrs and a respectful standard to the other venerable ranks as the Paragons and Zshar'rins, not to mention The Anchor. Overseers particularily fixates on the present matters of the Cabal and importance that are to come in the future. Trying to maintain a constant awareness to the Cabal, from consistent predictons of possible harm, or any sort of adversity.

Overseers, however must remain a consistent responsibility to take care of the other influential/Superior ranks. However not having a same optional opportunity to elevate in ranks as a Preeminent Competitor, unless it's under some exclusive exceptions. 


 The Zsharrs are the nine said super-superiors, also refered as elites. Which name; Cabal IX also represents the nine Zsharrs 'organization'. Being the nine rulers and organizers of the Cabal.

 Click for more informations about their prominent position and godlike symbol, witihn the Cabal IX.