The Origin of the Zsharrs hierarchy and Cabal's foundation.

Intolerable ages ago, ancient, if not an unknown age, when their date of foundation was launched, will persevere unidentified to the surroundings. The Cabal's cunning community was founded by their eminent incognito of a leader, based to be the very first Super-superior amongst the nine

The Begining of Zsharrs heirarchy.

When before the Cabal developed its foundation, The first Zsharr created the Zsharrs heirarchy, which is presently known today. It was with manipulation and corruption, the First Zsharr began his evolutionary discovery to scour for the utmost qualified Beings, whom carried the requisite skills and potential to be taken with force into his clutches. thus was each of them corrupted to what is presently known the Zsharrs Council.