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The Veiled Guild is basically an association of assassins and any other cunning and veiled warriors of the Cabal, sharing the same pursuit of practicing their competence of infiltration, batteful but subtle ambushes, anything which must be done with discretion and subtility. They're a guild that protects mutual interests of assination and maintain certain standards, amongst their people. The Guild indeed is the most sufficient alignment an assassin or any people with subtle and combative skills, providing them the requisite tools and proficient miljeu so they can improve their specification of furtiveness.

Their association can however room a specific number of trainees and units, nonetheless the Cabal is sure that the limit wont be transcended too soon, hence it's not revealed.

 Besides, "ordinary" assassins and veiled killers couldn't be classified nor qualified to walk the Zshar'rins Path. Therefore the Cabal gathered every single one of their stealthy units to amass in a meeting with the Zsharrs themselves, to find a solution to the problem. It was thus the Zsharrs entitled a self-employed guild: The Veiled Guild, which'd be a small association that accommodated specifically every cunning warrior in their training. However the guild was to remain under the Path of the Arbiter's influence, in order to optimize opportunities for the Cabalists to aspire for practice in arms and the guild's martial art style, through Path of the Arbiter. The Guild has its very own instructor, perhaps even a Co'manager to organize order and trainings in the different lessons, which the Instructor will guide and instruct the trainees.

Regardless the Veiled Guild is usually the ones taking the assignments for ambushes, sinister and subtle strikes upon their enemies, and even being responsible to train the ones seeking to become a Zshar'rin (An elite of assasination, yet in a religious way). Nonetheless, the Guild has even their own mini-heirarchy in order to systemize between the trainees and specialists. Even though, if an instructer has contributed a genuine leadership and battle-spirit to his subordinates, the instructer can be awarded (from having gained reliability from the Zsharrs) to create and rule the Guild entirely through his own mind - as if the Instructer has a better way to organize the Ranks and even the entire guild, to contribute greater fortunes for the Cabal. Otherwise the existing ranks goes as follows:


Basically being an initiate of the Guild, who has just entered the membership into the order. However these Trainees should likely have some experience, from the work in the Path of the Arbiter. Trainees must regardless follow and obey the Instructors order and not objectify in potentially hard trainings.


Obviously an experienced person, who has now perceived the ways and methods of how The Veiled Guild is drifted. They know of the ordinary routines of training and practice, thus they function as a great help for new-commers and Trainees to share some knowledge of what they might can expect. Besides, they're cunning warriors who has proven an undying contribution to the guild, and only seeks to further his competence in combat.


Specialists are the ones who has obtained an outstanding competence in Melee specification. Proving to be a reliable person for the instructer, hence they're often assistance and can often be considered as Co'manager for the Instructer who organizing Training-events or any sort of activities which includes The Veiled Guild, and The Veiled guild only.


The instructor has vowed to grant the Guild's "members" and even specialists, the most optimal training to ensure their developement is taught properly and effecient. Their responsibility is to instruct and supervise his trainees to improve their skills and abilities in combat. They must also be able to organize and set up meetings when necessary matters is in need to be discussed, not to forget daily training if that'll prove to be possible. Otherwise assigning the specialists(If it's necessary) to take over the responsibility of training or as mentioned; meetings. Though mainly it must be the Instructors job, and the specialists only functioning as a reserve or as an assistance when they're to lecture and instruct.