Zsharrs Council 

The Zsharrs Council is an assemply of (besides other responsible superiors of the Cabal who frequently participates the meetings) the nine Zsharrs. Called together for consultation, deliberation, advice or discussions of what may present to be important. Their council is considered to be the utmost venerable and sacred meeting, above any other. The Council is where the Cabal's "laws" and major events are taken under contemplations, afterwards enaction.

It is consitutional that the Zsharrs inhumes their rivalry for a temporary time, in order to properly discuss and debate the different necessities during their meeting.

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  • I - Xen'narazath 'Zsharrin' Nefarimus (The apotheosis of Cabal IX entire organization) Status: Not revealed, yet
  • II - Status: Not revealed, yet
  • III - Lady Liah Shade-arrow Aewynn Status: Revealed
  • IV -  Lord Jaslon Drevion Status: Revealed
  • V - Lady Lorithera Vasír Status: Revealed
  • VI - Status: Not revealed, yet
  • VII - Status: Not revealed, yet
  • VIII - Status: Not revealed, yet
  • IX - Nazharia 'Shiver' (surname unknown). Status: Eliminated (For deception upon Cabal IX. Making the ninth position currently eligible to possess)